What is RPI - Engineering?

We comment, talk about, and mention all the cool things going on in the car world, specifically V8 engines that are mind blowing and we love seeing what is next in the car world! 

Who is it for?

This website is meant for anyone that is in any way interested in cars, sports cars, race cars, or any type of cars at all! On this website we have a true obsession with V8's and love everything about them!

Chevy V8 (Incredible!)

What is a V8 Engine?

A V8 engine is quite simply an engine (usually car) that is shaped in a V as the one here on the left. The shape of this engine results in proper balance between both banks and allows for low vibration. The V8 apart from being in a V-shape also has 8 cylinders and thus the 8 in the V8. 

When do people use V8's?

Most of the time, V8’s are used for larger cars. They are seen in muscle cars, pick-up cars, and SUV’s. Most of the time we see V8’s in cars and trucks with rear-wheel drive because of the difficulty in fitting them in front-wheel-drive cars.  


Our most used and reccomended resources related to cars:

This list will be continuously added to and constantly upgraded. For now these are the few businesses that we’ve worked with that we’re proud to acknowledge their good and honest work. Let us know if you have any questions our email is in the section beneath. 

  • If you’re looking for parts and different dealership we’ve worked with the motorcardirectory.co.uk and have had a fantastic time doing it. 
  • If you’re looking for used cars in the UK we always reccomend Autotrader.co.uk – a fantastic site where you can see all different types of cars on sale. 
  • If you’re looking specifically for an electric car we reccomend you check out Used Tesla World.co.uk because they have the best variety of used Teslas in the uk. I definitely reccomend you check them out if you’re looking for a Used Tesla. 

Want to learn more about V8's and just cars in general?

Come to our shop! We have a car garage where not only do we have a full day of work fixing cars but later host a podcast on new engineering feats and things that may be of interest to those that subscribe to any vehicle appreciation!

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