A comment on Electric Cars & top 3 v8's in my opinion.

Its hard to decide on our all time favorite V8’s but we will definitely attempt it! 

To start out its important to say that we’ve now been considering electric motors as all time favorites, even though they aren’t V8’s or anything like that. We just want to give out a really big shoutout to Tesla for making such incredible performing cars. We are also incredible excited to see the Tesla Roadster come to life when it will. This Tesla is supposed to be the fastest commercial car ever made, beating the astonishing 2 second mark when reaching 0-60 mph. 

Regardless, while were amazed with what Tesla is doing as a company we can’t forget how much we love our roaring V8 engines.  

My all time favorite and one of the most attractive cars ever made is this Mercedes 6.2 Liter an absolute monster of a car. Hitting 622 horsepower this Gorgeous SLS with suicide doors is an absolute beauty and has to be without a doubt my favorite v8 ever made. I understand that maybe people were expecting the classic american V8’s but those are coming up next. 

#2 CHEVY 6.2 Liter LT4 V8 Supercharged

I think we need to take a minute to appreciate the absolute beauty of a motor this is. This is an incredibly powerful motor sitting in an american Chevy with a 6.2 liter engine LT4 and supercharged. I’m not sure why anybody would want that much horsepower under their hood, wait a minute! Of course I do because it is totally amazing!!!

v8's all around the world

Now this v8 is really something speacial. Once again we’re getting in another hood of ANOTHER american car, but thats okay. We need to give credit where credit is due and in this case american cars are extremely well known for their v8’s. As a result we’re gonna have a large portion of the best ever made coming from the United States! Unfortunately I did have to pick a german car as number one just by the sheer beauty of the car and the all around amazingness that we can find when picking that gorgeous V8 SLS.