Situation on cars around the world!

The current situation around the world with coronavirus has been completely frightening for everybody. The situation in the UK it seems like it hasn’t escalated to the point of complete paranoia but people are slowly coming out and preparing to be stuck inside for a while. So what does this effect have on our cars? More specifically what effect does this have on our economy and on v8s?

It seems that the only way to know what will happen in the future is to be prepared for all possible scenarios. We will definitely be stocking up on food, water and maybe not as much toilet paper as everybody else, as there seems to be complete pandemonium on toilet paper for no reason.

Recently it was announced the biggest vehicle manufacturer in the world, volkswagen was going to shut down its work in Europe as a result of the corona virus.

This has a massive effect on employment not only for volkswagen but for all the other car companies that are working with volkswagen. Would this have a beneficial impact on the world climate? It could possibly be. There have been images being shown around the web that show the different economic impacts of the corona virus especially in terms of factories and world economies.

In china it seems that the pollution has improved drastically as most factories were forced to come to a halt. Additionally we’ve seen that air traffic has been significantly diminished and very few planes are currently up in the air. In terms of land vehicles, busses have been less rides, and cars will slowly be used less and less. Both Italy and Spain at the time of writing this article have enforced strict rules for their citizens to stay in side.

I was reading an article about how more cars are being stolen now in spain than any other months throughout the years because of the paranoia of the virus. Because everyone is frightened of getting this deadly virus they choose to not leave their house and not take their car everywhere and instead stay home with their families. While they stay home people go out and easily steal their cars.

This is quite a scary situation for everyone, not only should they be afraid of going outside, they should be careful with what they leave outside because it might be taken. Here at rpi-engineering we recommend that people find private garages to put their cars in for the greatest level of safety.

In other news, Tesla stock has been plummeting after an insane upraise of its stock a few months ago. What does this mean? Not only does it mean that the whole market itself is extremely bearish, but it means that people are afraid Tesla and its new stock might not help the horrible economy that is coming.

Rpi-engineering has been writing and supporting makers of cars and more specifically v8 engines for over 20 years and we won’t stop any time now. We hope everybody stays safe out there and remember to take care of your cars as they are extremely important and the most useful thing you will every buy.

Good luck!